how to get rid of roaches

Roaches are very unwanted guests in our homes, and getting rid of roaches is often very time-consuming. See how to get rid of roaches.

What is a roach?

A roach is winged (although not flying, but only soars while falling down) insect with tentacles, usually dark red, brown or black. It measures up to 3 centimeters in length. It disgusts us even when we see him in the picture, let alone live. It happens, however, that this undesirable creature appears in our apartments. The reason for the hatred we inflict on roaches are, among others diseases transmitted by this insect. This include tuberculosis, typhus, jaundice and dysentery. It also carries pathogenic bacteria.

what is a cockroach

Where do roaches appear?

In addition, roaches are omnivorous, which causes measurable losses in our kitchens and pantries. He often eats away food debris. These insects will creep into almost every crack because they are quite flat. So they will successfully go under the fridge or microwave or to the drain. They are present where it is dark and quiet. For this reason, they activate at night. Then they plunder the kitchen and bathroom, although in other rooms they also show up.

Not only is a roach eating food, it also pollutes it with e.g. its droppings. Roaches like dirty and neglected places. For this reason we should keep cleaniness at home. 

Prevention – how to get rid of roaches

Keeping clean, frequent washing, airing, washing and thorough cleaning can prevent the appearance of roaches. You should also take care of the tightness of the apartment, it is best to seal all openings and spaces near pipes and other installations. Let’s also look at ventilation grilles – it may be worth covering them with a dense mesh through which roaches will not be able to squeeze through.

Let’s not leave food and leftovers behind, let’s wash and clean up all the crumbs. Containers, dishes and cabinets with food are tightly closed. Lack of access to food will not encourage roaches to visit.

Homemade ways to get rid of roaches

– The use of a sugar / boric acid mixture (in any proportions) – this acid is available in pharmacies, e.g. in the form of a powder. It kills insects and is safe for people. We spread the mixture in roaches liked places, e.g. under wardrobes, a fridge, in nooks and crannies. Sugar will lure insects and acid will stick to their legs. They will take him to the nests, where the remaining individuals will last.

– Other varieties of poisonous substance based on boric acid are, for example, a mixture of boric acid with boiled yolk, flour or potato, and even the addition of slaked lime. We create small balls from this dough, spread it around the house. Food lures insects and then destroys them.

– Roaches also like coffee. We brew a large portion of coffee grounds, pour the liquid (you can drink it), and make a trap out of coffee grounds. We place them e.g. in a jar or other vessel with steep and slippery walls. Once fed, the roaches can’t get out of there.


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