1. A Little Note From Me.

    Sunday, March 24, 2013

    I realize I've been MIA for awhile. Blogging is really one of those things that consumes your life - which can be awesome! I've meet really interesting people from all over the world, such as my friend Dita from Indonesia. What a gal. We've even swapped packages.

    So, while I've definitely been busy these last few months with other "crafts" of sorts, I wasn't blogging because I wasn't sure if these crafts would be of interest to everyone else... I've done some web design work, learning code, plenty of social media/SEO consulting and, as of late, really got myself interested in Google+ communities. Now that I've got some sense beat into me, I think I'll start sharing them. Because, you know, this is my blog and I have a lot of interests. =)

    Join me on my Google+ Community called "Crafting Away". It's a great place to share projects, get inspiration and meet other crafty types on Google+. 

    I'm looking forward to blogging again - and sharing ALL my interests and expertise, rather than just the sewing/jewelry making/cooking interests. Cheers! -Katelyn

    Ninth and Bird

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    1. 2justByou said...

      I'm looking forward to being a part of the new community! I also just added you back on G+ and I'm now following your blog via bloglovin! =0)

    2. Hey! Glad you joined! I'm really excited about the community. I've become pretty obsessed with Google+ and feel like I've been ignoring the other networks... Thanks for the follow! =)

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