1. Birds of a Feather

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    I've added a few things to my Esty shop!  I'm really into feathers right now -- so more feathers coming soon!  I love hippie-inspired jewelry...  It's reminds me of being free as a bird!  Check it all out on Etsy, Ninth & Bird.

    Ninth and Bird

  2. I'm a big fan of lists.  It's a good idea to make them, even if you never pay attention to them afterward.   At least you've made a mental note.  Today, as my skin is rather sunkissed from an amazingly full weekend, I started making a list of Summer goals.  In September I'll revisit this list and see how many of them I actually accomplished.  Ready.  Set.  Go.

    1.  Paint a new piece of art for my studio.

    2.  Run another half-marathon.

    3.  Learn how to tie a cherry stem with my tongue.

    4.  Buy a new camera // Take more pictures.

    5.  Visit the Great San Dunes National Park.

    6.  Stop at a lemonade stand. 

    7.  Read a "fun" book... something that is not web design, online marketing, SEO, or blogging related. 

    8.  RELAX - STOP TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH & LEARN TOO MUCH!!  ...maybe it doesn't make sense to have that on a "list."

    9.  Hike a 14er.

    10.  Buy boat shoes...  Okay universe, okay Adam, YOU WIN!

    11.  Write an eBook.

    12.  Visit the Water Park.  Twice.

    13.  Go white water rafting!  

    Is it un-lucky to stop my list at 13?  I feel like it's complete... If I had to add one for good luck, It would be:  14.  Spend as much time as possible building relationships - don't take friendships for granted... who knows where we'll all be in a year.  

    Ninth and Bird

  3. Memorial Day Weekend is finally here!  Which means Summer is finally here!  And.I.Love.This.

    I always feel alive this time of year -- full of plans, goals, and Bliss!  Life is good and there is so much to be excited for!  I say the same thing every Summer, "This is going to be the best Summer of my life!"  ...it always is.

    Exciting Denver Events:
    13th Annual Downtown Denver Arts Festival - Yaaa, for Colorado artists! Showcases over 130 artists all weekend long!  I took a walk downtown to check it out.... some really beautiful stuff!  In fact, now I feel inspired to paint again...
    The Boulder Boulder - Why haven't I done this yet? It's a 10k race + beautiful Boulder scenery... Not gonna make it this year, BUT NEXT YEAR IT'S ON!

    I just love living in Colorado.  We have the best weather.  I spent the day at the park sitting on a blanket with friends, playing music and throwing a football.  It almost felt cliche, like, if only someone would have packed a picnic then we'd be the cover of Better Homes & Gardens.  The whole situation was pretty much adorable.

    Of course I didn't wear sunscreen.  Five hours at Cheesman Park seemed to fly by and so did my winter white skin.  Some lessons you never learn and today I'm sunburned.  Also, side note, I'm okay with it.

    Summer Sizzle. Tans. Tank Tops. Swim Suits. Bike Rides. BBQs. Friends...

    Ninth and Bird

  4. Playing With Barbies // Again.

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    This is probably one of the most interesting/weird jewelry lines I've come across in a long time.   For most people, Barbie evokes some sort of emotion or memory and I think that's why I love this project so much.  

    She is an American icon, representing everything from pop culture, feminism, perfection, and even sexuality... We all remember the "Barbie Girl" song.  It got a lot of negative attention as it portrayed Barbie as a sexual symbol, rather than the much loved child's toy.  Margaux Lange has no doubt received mixed reviews on her series of deconstructed Barbie parts,  but I have to say, well done.  It's called The Plastic Body Series.
    Margaux finds Barbies on ebay and garage sales, re-purposing them for her jewelry.  I think that's the best part.  Each piece once lived out the fears, desires, and relationships of a child's mind on stage.  A toy that fuels creativity is now wearable art. 

    I guess nothing is what it was intended to be, in the hands of a creative person.

    Ninth and Bird

  5. >

    Why I like Hipsters:
    1. There wear a lot of hats.
    2. I don't care if they drink PBR.
    3. They aren't afraid to be dirty.
    4. They wear tight pants and glasses.
    5. Everyone else hates them, and I'm trying to be more ironic...

    Why I hate Hipsters:
    1. They are the reason Keds went up in price and no longer sold at K-Mart.
    2. They are skinny enough to fit into envelopes.
    3. They have a slight obsession with irony...

    Ninth and Bird

  6. Making a Mess

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    I can't remember the last time I was this productive in such a short period of time!  My mom came for a two day visit and together we went shopping, made jewelry, poured candles, and enjoyed some much needed catching up.

    She brought her wire bending tools and taught me how to make jewelry.  I shared with her my knowledge of the "internets" and started her a blog and Etsy store... a fair trade, I thought.  Here is a look at some of our creations and the process behind them, all soon to be found on Etsy, my Ninth & Bird shop.
    If only I would have known how cool my mom was when I was younger!  We had such a blast together.  Ironically, she's the one that wore me out.  Check out her new store on Etsy.com, Rosemary Station.  She's a beautiful women, talented, and one of my best friends.

    Ninth and Bird

  7. .
    Her name is Andrea.
    She studies architecture in Croatia and makes some of the most beautiful and delicate jewelry I've ever seen, MIRTA Jewelry.  While I've recently been learning to make jewelry myself, soon to fill my Etsy Store, Andrea's work seems flawless. 
    I love the intricate details of the prongs and thin sterling silver.  Everything is neatly arranged around the Herkimer diamonds she uses.  I had no idea what a Herkimer diamond was before I stumbled on her craft, not that I know anything about diamonds at all... As it turns out, they are a formation of Quartz crystal and naturally occurring in Herkimer, New York, thus their name.  So each piece is unique and each gem a different shape... I love it.  Simple. Delicate. Gorgeous.

    Check her out on Etsy, MIRTA Jewelry, and read her recent interview.  I love reading up on the creative processes of other artists and seeing where they get their inspiration from.

    Ninth and Bird

  8. { Thursday ♥ Things }

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    1. BANANA REPUBLIC  |  beaded lei necklace  2. FOREVER 21  |  frenchie knit top  3. BANANA REPUBLIC  |  slubby stripe roll-up tee  4. ASOS  |  pippa lynn stripe mini tennis skirt  5. ANTHROPOLOGIE  |  rugby stripe blouson  6. TOMS SHOES  |  brown stripe rope sole  7. JCREW  |  boat shoes  8. PIXIE MARKET  |  matiko white perforated loafers
    9. AMERICAN EAGLE  |  tie-dye denim shortie  10. JCREW  |  marina stripe ring bandeau suit  11. FREE PEOPLE  |  linen wideleg trouser  12. ALDO  |  krone wedges  13. AMERICAN EAGLE  |  beach tank


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