1. My friend Amanda and I have been preparing a few decorations for “Friendsgiving!”  It’s going to be the best Thanksgiving ever, filled with friends and amazing food… I can hardly wait!  We made four Painted Wine Bottle Trees for the tables.  I think they turned out rather adorable!  What do you think?

    DIY Painted Wine Bottle Trees

    1}   Soak wine bottles in hot water until the labels are able to come off easily.  We left the bottles soaking over night, which worked really well.  Scrub the labels off and dry the bottles.

    2}   Use white spray paint to evenly coat wine bottles; let them dry.

    3}   Use a paper towel to cover the bottom half of the bottles.  Use a piece of tape to hold paper towel on – but don’t let it touch the fresh paint. 

    4}   Spray an even layer of the spray-on glue and sprinkle with white glitter.  Let it dry and then remove the paper towel.  Repeat on all bottles.

    5}   Take a roll of hemp and wrap along the border of the white paint and the glittered area.  Secure with a dab of hot glue.

    6}   Gather branches and twigs that you want to stick inside the bottles.  (Paint them if you want!  ..maybe shimmery gold paint!)  Place them on your Thanksgiving table and enjoy!

    Ninth and Bird

  2. 6 comments:

    1. I have so many wine bottles that I have been saving for months to do something fun with! This is perfect!

    2. jess said...

      these are awesome! our canadian thanksgiving has come and gone but i'll be making these for my christmas table this year!

    3. Christine said...

      Oh my gosh I LOVE this!! Did it tonight for a buffet decoration for Thanksgiving :) I used some aspen branches mixed with a bush with orange berries in my backyard. Wonderful!!

    4. Cute idea! Just saw something like this at a very expensive boutique here in my area, and they had stuffed it with lights! It had a price tag of 49.99 on it! :) I am so going to try this! Question: Can you brush varnish or put decopage on it to keep the glitter from falling off? Thanks! It looks great!

    5. Question - when I sprayed the bottles with spray paint, the paint ran down and didn't stick very well. Any suggestions?

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