1. DIY Sunburst Twig Wreath

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    It’s wreath season!  This Sunburst Twig Wreath was fun and is going to add to our Thanksgiving (a.k.a."friendsgiving") decorations.  I can't wait for the fun to start!  It was a pretty simple project overall, and here’s what we did.

    DIY Sunburst Twig Wreath

    1}   Gather sticks of various sizes and lengths – we gathered ours from a neighboring ditch…

    2}   Cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a circle (about 7 inches) and cut out a whole in the middle (about 3 inches).  Then wrap the cardboard in hemp and secure in hot glue. 

    3}   Place larger sticks on the cardboard and begin planning where you want them to be.  I spaced out the fatter sticks first and glued them down with hot glue.  Add the rest of the sticks, securing with hot glue, until it is full around the circle. 

    4}   Trim the ends of the sticks until you have the shape of wreath you want.

    5}   Use silver or gold spray paint to cover all of the sticks.  This covers will cover any glue that is visible and makes the sticks have a holiday shine!

    6}   Take a piece of ribbon and tie a bow for the wreath – hot glue it to the wreath (you may need a good amount of hot glue sticks for this project!)  Add small pine cones, holly, or whatever you’d like to spice up your wreath! Enjoy!

    Ninth and Bird

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