1. Lyrical ABC's // My Life in Songs

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Lately, I've seen a lot of "ABC's of Me" where bloggers describe themselves via the alphabet.  One letter at a time; their words carefully chosen.  I find this difficult.  I attempted the idea, but I became stuck on the letter "C" and realized I didn't want to post an alphabet of Katelyn qualities. 

    Instead, I wanted to describe my life at this point with song lyrics.  I've taken lyrics from a variety of songs that relate to me in one way or the other, and put them together in a ABC-poem, if you will...  Plus, I fully believe in using songs to say things.  Enjoy!


    Lyrical ABC's

    And I'm farther from you everyday,
    Blue lips, blue veins.
    Cause I'm broken when I'm open,
    Dark boom honey, I follow you,
    Everything has changed.

    Father, father help us,
    Gracious goes the ghost of you,
    Hiding my heart away,
    I feel it all, I feel it all.

    Just a bridge that I gotta burn,
    Knew the rules, but the rules did not know me,
    Like coming off the pills you take to stay happy,
    More than this...

    Not unfaithful, but sometimes I stray.
    On separate trains,
    Punctuated by philosophy,
    Run away.

    Spend all your time waiting for that second chance.
    There are secrets I will always keep,
    Under pressure - that burns a building down,
    Victory is mine. 

    Who can say where we're blowing,
    X - amount of words,
    You're chasin' the ghost of a good thing,
    Zombie. How low, how low, how low will you push me.


    Ninth and Bird

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