1. DIY Fabric Flowers ~ They are adorable and perfect for so many things!  Attach them to pillows, curtains, headbands, skirts, jackets, headboards, or pretty much anything!  Try making different colors, different sizes, and adding different size buttons.  And as always, have fun!

    1}   Cut circles to the desired size (maybe several different sizes!).

    2}   Keep one circle flat as the base.  Fold four circles in half, then half again.  Attach the four to the base circle.  Use a sewing machine or thread and needle to attach folded circles to the middle of the base.

    3}   Add another layer (or another) to the fabric flowers until they are your desired fluffiness!  (I made the second layer a slightly smaller circle than the first layer)

    4}   Top with a button or a bead in the middle to finish it off!  And Ta-Dah! You have beautiful handmade fabric flowers -- Decorate away!

    Ninth and Bird

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