1. DIY Dress Shirt Skirt //

    I love making new things out of something old!  I came across this skirt on Pinterest and thought it looked a lot like a Men's dress shirt.  I decided to see if I could make it myself!  It was actually really easy and P.S. thrift stores always have an abundant supply of dress shirts, so try it for yourself!

    What You'll Need //

    {1}   Men's dress shirt
    {2}   Ruler
    {3}   Scissors
    {4}   Sewing Machine & thread
    {5}   Needle and pins

    What You'll Do //

    {1}   Lay your dress shirt out flat and cut across the chest, just under the arms.  Remove the collar, cutting at the seam.  Once removed, cut the collar in two equal parts for each side of the waist.

    {2}   Sew four pleats into the shirt; two in the front and two in the back.  Use a ruler to make sure you are placing them evenly.  I used a mannequin and pinned the pleats where I needed them.  Once you have the pleats pinned, press with and iron, and then use a sewing machine to sew all four in place.

    {3}   Use a ruler to determine the right place for the two half collar pieces - place them wherever you want but make sure they are evenly spaced from the middle button.  Pin in the right place and sew with a sewing machine.  Cut the excess off from the back when done.

    {4}   Use a needle and thread to connect the back of the collar pieces to the skirt; just the bottom edge so a belt can go through. 

    {5}   Take a piece of fabric from the unused sleeve to make a belt loop.  Use a ruler to make sure you place it in the middle and sew by hand; add a button.  If needed, add a button to the front to secure the top of the skirt. 

    {6}   Do a final ironing, throw on a belt, and you're ready to go! 

    Ninth and Bird

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    1. Sew cute. A variation on my dress shirt skirt that can be found here:http://blubabescreate.blogspot.com/2011/06/blubabescreate-coming-your-way.html

    2. cndesigns said...

      This is really cute! But I'm afraid my hip size would take such a big men's shirt to fit my size, it wouldn't look quite as nice as yours. LOVE the idea though!

    3. Marie said...

      That is sooo stinking CUTE! Love it! :)

    4. Thanks! It was really fun to make!

    5. I absolutely LOVE this skirt! I would love to make this for a birthday present for someone. This may sound like a silly question, but I'm only just beginning my adventures in sewing - - can you tell me what the name of that type of pleat is? Or how you go about doing them? I've watched a bunch of videos online but can't seem to figure out how you did that particular one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


    6. Yes of course! I'm not sure if it has a "name" but what you'll need to do is turn the fabric inside out. Use a form or your body to figure out where the pleats should go. Make them evenly spaced where you want them and pin and/or mark with a pencil. Then take it off and sew where you've marked it. It's important to sew very gradually toward the end of the pleat, edging closer and closer, so that you don't end up with a bubble in the fabric. I generally mark where I need to end so I'm able to plan accordingly...

      It's kind of hard to explain this way. Maybe I'll make a tutorial! Hope this helps!

      -Katelyn, Ninth & Bird

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