1. D.I.Y:  Recycled T-Shirt Scarf

    1} Gather a few old t-shirts you don't wear anymore; thrift them or buy new -- but choose thin, soft (preferably worn out) t-shirts.  Find two t-shirts of different colors that go well together. 

    2} Lay the shirt flat on the table or floor.  

    3} Cut 1 1/2 inch strips, remove the hemmed edges.  Cut them as long as possible; I went from the bottom of the front of the shirt all the way to the end of the back on some pieces.  Obviously you won’t be able to do that for all of them, but the varied lengths are okay.  Use fabric scissors if you have them!

    4} Cut off the sleeves of the shirt and save them for the end.  I used them for the final wrapping!

    5} Organize the strips by length and gently pull on them.  When you do this they naturally curl in on themselves.

    6} NOW GET CREATIVE!  Start piecing the strips together the way you want your scarf to look.  Twist them, Braid them and mix the colors.  You could even add beads or old jewelry to dress it up even more.  Lay your design on the table and secure it with small ribbons of t-shirt scraps (don’t worry that showing; you’ll cover it up with the final wrapping).

    7} Tie together, trim ends, and wrap with the excess sleeve fabric you saved.  Use a needle and thread to secure the end wrap on; covering all of the tying and knotting to keep the scarf together.  This also creates a smooth back for your neck.  And Ta-Dah!  You’re done!

    Ninth and Bird

  2. 24 comments:

    1. Tara said...

      I'm doing this!!!!

    2. Kelsey said...

      Just made one with my roomie! These are awesome!!

    3. Serena said...

      were the strips long enough for one loop? i just tried it and had to tie two strips together to make it long it. it was a sad first attempt.

    4. Nika_J said...

      This would make great Christmas gifts for those on a budget :)

    5. blouse said...

      i want that!!! what a great idea! totally gonna make one of them!


    6. Έφη said...

      I'm going to make one like this!!!

    7. I make these all the time but LOVEEEEEEE your combination of the braid and the loops -- and the colors you chose... SO. FREAKING. FANTASTIC!!!!

    8. I'm making one of these tonight for my sisters birthday. THank you so much for the idea


    9. Megan said...

      I love your stripes/solids scarf! I linked up to you in my blog; thanks for sharing! http://apartmentthriftychic.blogspot.com/2011/12/scarf-obsession.html


    10. katie mae said...

      this is so cute! and you are very pretty! :]

    11. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like it :-)

      -Katelyn, Ninth & Bird

    12. Grace said...

      Hi, your scarf is really gorgeous! I also had a go at making it and I linked you on my blog. http://tinyurl.com/7chfhoc

    13. Aquariart said...

      Love this idea, I have some old t shirts I don't wear anymore but just can't bear to throw away that are perfect for this project. Thanks so much for sharing your idea!!

    14. AnnaRose said...

      It looks awesome! SO cute, but i'm apparently directionally challenged or something because I was completely lost after the braid. I'm really upset with the outcome :'( It was a fail, and i'm really upset about it.

    15. Megan said...

      This scarf caught my attention and I was super excited about making it.
      It did not turn out the way yours did. It looks pretty bad! :/
      Pretty frustrated- spent 3 hours making it. I'm glad everyone else's turned out good though!

    16. Oh no! I used two shirts to have extra fabric, arranged them by size, and just played with it until I had the look I was going for. You can literally make it look however you want. Sorry yours didn't turn out the way you wanted! Try, try again! <3

      Katelyn, Ninth & Bird

    17. Thank you! Was looking for a fabulous tutorial, and found it here! Thanks again great work!

    18. color combination makes a huge differnce,great work

    19. rosepetal said...

      Katelyn, I just now came across your blog. You seem to be very creative!! What a gift! I love this scarf project but I am a visual learner. Would you be able to take pictures and post them along with the written instructions. That would help us visual people a bunch!

      Thanks, Rosellen

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