1. D.I.Y J.Crew Ribbon Pearl Necklace //

    I inherited an amazing collection of vintage jewelry from my Grandma Robbie.  One of the pieces she left me was an old pearl necklace with a broken clasp.  I love it so much and I hated that I couldn't wear it!  I've never been much of a pearl necklace girl - so I decided to fix the necklace and add a little Katelyn-flare to it, or rather, add a little J.Crew to it.   Here's what I did:

    1}  Lay pearl necklace out and decide the shape you want it it have.  I chose to leave the  necklace as is, instead of re-stringing it, and have the bigger pearls on one side.

    2}  Attach the loop connectors to each end (I got them at a bead store).  Use waxed linen if you can.  The wax makes a true 'slip proof' knot!

    3}  Tie the ribbon through the loops and adjust to your desired length.  I made mine big enough to slip over my head, but you could also leave it open at the back and tie the ribbon on when you wear it.  I wrapped mine almost like a tie to make it look cleaner.

    4}  Add a bow on one side to make it extra special!  And have fun!

    Ninth and Bird

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    1. This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing :)

    2. Thanks Kelley! I had fun making it!

    3. I'm so happy I found your blog! It's fantastic! Newest follower!

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