1. I love the idea of a camera bag that looks like a purse and not a piece of luggage.  I would love to take my camera everywhere and not look like a tourist!  While browsing the interwebs I found three bags that are stylish, adorable, and carry everything you need from lenses to wallet.  I can't decide which one to get but I'm leaning towards {#2} the Mimi Bag!
    Inspired by the classic 1940s school bag: the Brooklyn.
    Kelly Moore, the lavender Mimi Bag.
    Jo Totes Handbags, The Rose in Moss.

    Ninth and Bird

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    1. Shia said...

      Great idea...I'm going on vacation soon and want to take tons of pics but not look silly! I think I am going to get the Brooklyn! =)

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. Lianne said...

      I recommend looking at Baby Changing Bags! Theyve got tonnes of pockets and look quite sensible these days. I comandeered my daughters recently for touristy purposes and just slung it over the back of her pram. Saves carrying it too ;)

    3. Wow, what a great idea! I never would have thought about using a baby changing bag - that might be cheaper in fact. I've also seen a few tutorials on how to convert a purse into a camera bag with a few simple sewing steps... that might be what my frugal little self decides to do :)

    4. sharisrose said...

      I HAVE TO HAVE THAT BROOKLYN SATCHEL! thank you for sharing this! :) lovely!

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