1. Tangled necklaces! Lost earrings!  This jewelry box has gotten out of hand!  Despite the fact that I love this jewelry box, which I inherited from my grandma - filled with vintage gems, it's really busting at the seams. 

    Today I went thrifting and found the perfect wooden frame to make a jewelry holder.  The whole process took a few hours and now I can actually see my collection!  I feel so organized, and best of all I think it's pretty cute. 

    Hook your earrings directly to the chicken wire and use 'S' hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets.  Now that I'm organized, I feel like I have three times as much jewelry!  I can actually find it all now and I re-discovered a few things.  It was a fun project - I just love it!

    Ninth and Bird


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    1. Shirley said...

      Awesome idea - thanks for sharing!

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