1. Renaye's 25th Birthday: 2009
    For five years now I've taken photos of my feet.  Weird right?!  This "foot photography fetish" started in college, and before I knew it I had a rather unique collection of all the places I've been.  The photos range from exciting vacations I went on to simple camping trips with friends.  Despite the fact that some of them are taken on an uneventful day or place, at that particular moment I felt compelled to document it.  Sometimes it wasn't where I was, but how I felt at that moment, and I love that part.

    So how do you document your adventures?! 

    Spring Break, Panama City Beach: 2006
    Sheep Meadow, Central Park, NY: 2009
    South Dakota, Summer hike: 2008
    Rocky Mt. National Park: 2006
    Connecticut Wedding: 2007
    Newport, Rhode Island: 2007
    Sheridan Lake, South Dakota: 2008
    Rocky Mt. National Park: 2006
    Ninth and Bird

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