1. Repurposing Books Into Book Art

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Book Art
    Book Art
    Book Art
    Isaac Salazar has never taken an art class in his life but somehow found himself making book art.  He started with simple designs that took him a few hours, using basic math and an exacto knife. Now, his book origami can take up to two weeks and they are far more complex.  Ideally, he uses old books and loves the idea of making art out of something that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill.  I think it's awesome!  What do you think?

    Ninth and Bird

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    1. Lianne said...

      I saw something like this in the Sunday Times a few months back- these incredibly intricate carvings in the pages of encylopedias but around the images as well so there was an image being created by the layers of print. They were amazing. Reminded with of those ancient ivory carvings you can see in museums. Didn't remember to save the name of the artist though. Doh. I love this style of work though. It's very original

    2. That sounds so interesting! I would love to see that! Using encyclopedias is such a great idea, especially when you work in the images around it. Also, side note, I love your stuff Lianne! You're very talented!

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