1. I heart my sister.  Isn't she cute!?  She visited from Seattle this weekend and, despite the fact she brought a little northwest rain with her, we had such a blast!  Since she was going to be in Denver a few short days, I tried to pack in as much fun as possible.   Here's the DENVER recap:

    Thursday night: Ladies Night @ The Crazy Merchant, a.k.a - best bead store in the area.  Once a month they have a FREE wine/appetizer night where you can gather a few girlfriends and make jewelry! If you don't know how - they have all the tools and teachers you need.

    Friday night: Ray Lamontagne concert!  Not just Ray-- but Ray at Red Rocks! (Best venue EVER!)  If you've never checked him out -- DO IT!  He will romance you.

    Saturday:  White water rafting at the Colorado River Runs!  A super fun day in the sun - we even got a little cliff jumping in!  Followed by a lovely evening at the Green Russell - which, if you didn't know, is the best place in Denver to grab a drink.  Mmm Mmmm.

    Sunday: relaxation time!  Washington Park was beautiful.  We packed coffee, brunch, our swim suits and "burn oil" ...all you need really.

    Ninth and Bird

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