1. I'm a big fan of lists.  It's a good idea to make them, even if you never pay attention to them afterward.   At least you've made a mental note.  Today, as my skin is rather sunkissed from an amazingly full weekend, I started making a list of Summer goals.  In September I'll revisit this list and see how many of them I actually accomplished.  Ready.  Set.  Go.

    1.  Paint a new piece of art for my studio.

    2.  Run another half-marathon.

    3.  Learn how to tie a cherry stem with my tongue.

    4.  Buy a new camera // Take more pictures.

    5.  Visit the Great San Dunes National Park.

    6.  Stop at a lemonade stand. 

    7.  Read a "fun" book... something that is not web design, online marketing, SEO, or blogging related. 

    8.  RELAX - STOP TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH & LEARN TOO MUCH!!  ...maybe it doesn't make sense to have that on a "list."

    9.  Hike a 14er.

    10.  Buy boat shoes...  Okay universe, okay Adam, YOU WIN!

    11.  Write an eBook.

    12.  Visit the Water Park.  Twice.

    13.  Go white water rafting!  

    Is it un-lucky to stop my list at 13?  I feel like it's complete... If I had to add one for good luck, It would be:  14.  Spend as much time as possible building relationships - don't take friendships for granted... who knows where we'll all be in a year.  

    Ninth and Bird

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