1. Chalk It Up.

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    I devoted this weekend to getting projects done.  I recently moved into an adorable studio apartment with hard wood floors and lead paint.  I love the idea of living in an old building, and I'll try not to eat the paint chips.

    It was quite a challenge to fit all of my things into such a small space but I think I pulled it off beautifully.  I still have several projects on my list until I feel completely settled in, but this weekend I focused on my bathroom door.  It was... well, white and boring, and I desperately felt the need to draw all over it.

    So I painted it.  I painted it into a chalk board.

    All in all, a pretty great weekend!  Goodnight... sleep well.

    And in other news, found on the World Wide Webs:
    I love this idea for DIY Summer sandals.
    Spring is coming! I found an adorable planter idea!
    I wish they made these in "Extra Tall" - Cutest Jeans EVER!
    Music I'm loving right now, Jon Foreman.

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    1. Riley said...

      You are gorgeous...? Are you dating anyone?

    2. Danielle said...

      Friend! I love your blog!!!!
      It motivates me to be more creative!

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